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Placebo crews hails VDC cabling reliability

The durability of VDC supplied cabling and live sound equipment was put to the test by Placebo and LEE Engineering during a recently concluded and highly rigorous two-year world tour that included 200-plus shows.

The durability of VDC supplied cabling and live sound equipment was put to the test by Placebo and LEE Engineering during a recently concluded two-year world tour.

Ian Nelson, director at LEE Engineering and Placebo FOH engineer, said that his decision to work with VDC was driven in part by experience of stage boxes designed by VDC when he worked at Concert Systems. He had also been impressed by VDC multi pin lines, which he had found to be “incredibly robust and easy to use”.

The stage boxes LEE designed for Placebo drew heavily on the VDC design, whilst Nelson eventually asked VDC to create all the multi-pins required for the tour.

“The fact is, VDC could create a multi-pin to the right spec in 90 minutes, when it would have taken us about six hours,” he said.

The decision to go with VDC and to purchase rather than hire the tour kit was something that Nelson eventually had to ‘sell’ to the band.

“First of all, when you are moving though so many venues the number of variables that can cause problems with the live set up just grows and grows, so being able to have total faith in such fundamental kit as the stage box and line system is a huge bonus,” he noted. “Clearly, you want every gig to go as smoothly as possible and the kit we created with VDC absolutely delivered that.

“At the same time, when you compare the cost of buying the gear outright with the cost of hire, the purchase pays for itself after 30 weeks or so. That means more profit for the band over the remaining time on tour. It really wasn’t a tough sell as it turned out.”

And now, after running 56 lines every night for several hundred shows across more than 30 countries, Nelson is able to report that “with the best part of 200 ins and 200 outs, including at least 90 festivals, we didn’t lose one line. Not one mic cable, one XLR, one multi pin line. Nothing broke. It’s nothing short of astonishing.

“I can honestly say that I have never seen a line system go more than four or five weeks without a problem cropping up, let alone two years, and I’ve been in this business for 15 years.

“You might pay a little more for VDC gear, but the customer service and technical expertise is unrivalled and the manufacturing spec is absolutely top notch. This was a proper joint effort with VDC and I am incredibly proud of the achievements that came out of it.”

Niall Holden, MD at VDC Trading, summed up: “It’s always great when customers take the trouble to give us feedback. We deliver ‘no headache’ solutions for our customers, based on quality products and service every time. The result is satisfied customers, confident in the equipment they have ordered. Low maintenance no hassle VDC products deliver best performance and value for money – what more can you ask?”

Image Credit: Levi Tecofsky