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Pier 7’s Inspired Audio upgrade

One of Beirut’s premium nightclubs, Pier 7 has re-opened for the summer party season after a winter of upgrades, including a new sound system by Inspired Audio.

Featuring a view of the ocean, and the largest circular bar in the Middle East, Pier 7 in Beirut has re-opened for the summer party season after a multi-million pound refit over the winter. As part of the upgrade, the Crystal Group-owned nightclub has been fit with a full Inspired Audio sound system, specified in collaboration with Fouad Bechwati from local acoustic consultants 21 dB. The system includes four drops of six Optima 8 array cabinets, combined with eight B215 and eight SB218 all flown from the central truss area. A further four SB218 were ground stacked while the venues stage had a further four Optima 8 cabinets ground stacked on a pair of B215. The system control and alignment was catered for by networked eFlex Q5 system amplifiers all under direct software control. Inspired Audio’s local dealer Transorient Services supplied the system under the guidance of Milad Massaad, with technical support from Georges Nasser, who will maintain it throughout the summer. “Having looked after the sound at Beirut’s Music Hall, probably the best known live sound venue in the Middle East for the last few years, it was great to get involved in a dance project and show that array speakers can cross over into dance successfully,” said Inspired Audio’s Chris Scott. “We have a very happy acoustician in Fouad from 21 dB, who was a pleasure to work with and have surpassed the expectations of the client Mazen El Zein from the Crystal Group. Pier 7 now has a premium sound to go with its position of Beirut’s premium club.”