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Peavey goes down a Jagerbomb at Ozzfest

Peavey provided line arrays, subwoofers and all consoles for the Jagermeister mobile stage at this year’s Ozzfest UK, writes Paul Watson

Peavey kitted out the Jagermeister mobile stage at this year’s Ozzfest UK, which took place at London’s O2 Arena on September 18th, with Crest Audio consoles and its Versarray line arrays and subwoofers. In 2009, after already establishing a successful working relationship in the US, Peavey approached Jagermeister in the UK and provided a sound system for its mobile stage at Sonisphere in Knebworth. Since then, the two companies have worked on a number of other shows including Slam Dunk and Creamfields; and Ozzfest UK is the sixth – and perhaps most significant – collaboration. “This year, Jagermeister wanted to enlarge things; the truck was bigger, so we needed to put a bigger system in,” says Peavey’s technical manager Jock Shannon. “We felt we could bring an affordable line array system that could do the job more than adequately; and that’s what Peavey is all about.” The main PA system consisted of Peavey’s Versarray 112s and 218s: one hang per side of eight 112s; four 218 subs per side; and a further four 218s positioned under the centre of the stage. Peavey QWs were deployed for monitoring and also used for the drum fill and sidefills. The entire system was powered by Crest Audio Pro Series amplifiers. FOH engineer Ed Shackleton mixed all four bands – Jettblack (pictured), Revoker, Black Spiders and Paradise Lost – from a 32-channel Crest Audio CV20 console and a Crest Audio HP-8 was used on monitors. Shackleton says that the set-up was perfect for this type of show. “Versarray is an affordable entry level system into pro audio, but it sounds great because of its ribbon drivers, which means it’s very smooth in the high frequencies,” explains Shackleton. “For what we’re doing – big rock stuff – it does the job really well.” Tom Carlson, music manager for Jagermeister, says that the support from Peavey’s technical team has been invaluable in growing the mobile stage. “At Sonisphere we had no monitor system, but now we have; and Peavey supplied and advised us on it,” states Carlson. “Feedback from the bands was to make it bigger and better – and Peavey took care of that. Now we’re in a great position because everything production related, Peavey are there to help; they all know what they’re doing and the feedback is now fantastic, so it’s proof that it’s all working.”