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Peavey Electronics PVXp

Compact active and passive speakers

What is it?A range of compact active and passive speakers designed for live music and speech applications.DetailsThe compact and portable PVXp 12 and PVXp 15 models are powered enclosures capable of delivering 800W peak output using Peavey’s proprietary DDT compression and speaker protection technology to maintain clarity throughout the mix. Housing, respectively, 12″ and 15″ low-frequency drivers with 2.3″ voice coils plus RX14 HF titanium compression drivers coupled to constant directivity horns, the moulded polypropylene enclosures may be flown or pole mounted. The design offers multiple cabinet fly points and built-in handles and can also be angled for use as monitors. LED indicators are included for signal presence and DDT active mode. The passive PVX 12 and PVX 15 models use identical enclosures and are capable of handling up to 400W program (800W peak).And another thing…A module bay on the PVXp models allows for use of expansion modules to increase the functionality of the enclosures.