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Palmer PAN08

DI/Isolation box

What is it?An active, rack-mounted DI/Line isolation box. DetailsThe PAN08 is a multi-functional device allowing each of its four channels to be used independently as an active DI box, line isolation box or booster. The XLR/TRS combo input socket accepts unbalanced and balanced signals and the output has dual transformer balanced XLR jacks (front and rear). Signal level can be attenuated by 20dB for microphone inputs and can also be boosted in three stages by up to 18dB for line inputs, if necessary. With an output level of +12dBu for 600 ohm loads (at 0.05% THD @ 40Hz) and an output noise level of less than -110dBu, the PAN08 is said to meet all professional audio standards. It can be battery operated across a supply range of 9V – 18V, allowing the unit to be used outdoors without mains power.