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P Squared Scoop Edit

What is it?A suite of tools designed to help journalists gather and prepare news stories and audio, use them to create coherent bulletins and then deliver them live on air to broadcast stations or websites. DetailsScoop Edit is said to provide fast and efficient access to all the audio and text data gathered by Scoop Capture and allows users to edit this and add their own content. A built-in audio editor provides a range of tools for adding audio clips to stories, while the Bulletin window allows users to prepare stories for broadcasting, providing clear scripts and audio cues to make delivery as easy as possible. In addition, Scoop Edit can be used to automatically format stories for presentation on a station’s web site and will also upload them, so that even technically-inexperienced journalists can keep a site up to date.In addition, Scoop Edit includes a contact management database for use by a station newsroom, while the built-in web browser and directory help provide the journalist with full access to the newsroom. Scoop Edit’s Stories section includes a search facility, live updates of the latest stories to be added, full editing capabilities and a spell checker. It lists all stories captured from satellite and web sources as well as incoming emails and faxes. The Audio section offers access and editing facilities for all the audio that has been captured or recorded on to the system.Scoop can use a ‘stand alone’ Audio Wall or can be connected to a Myriad Audio Wall for maximum flexibility. The built-in SmoothEdit audio editor provides sufficient power for fast, simple audio editing and multiple audio cuts can be assigned to each story. Other features include real-time updating of incoming story lists (from any sources), ‘powerful’ search facilities and display of incoming emails (including attachments) from a standard POP3 email server.