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Outline GTO-DF

FOH speaker enclosure

What is it?A speaker enclosure from the GTO range designed to “round out” coverage by Outline’s line array systems. DetailsThe GTO-DF delivers high-quality sound to the first several rows of the audience at an event, filling the sonic gap often experienced by those seated near the stage. The enclosure addresses the problem of the front rows being slightly off axis to the main FOH arrays, leading to an audible reduction in coverage, especially in the critical high-end frequencies responsible for intelligibility. With its bottom-mounted constant directivity horn and embedded acoustic lens, the GTO-DF is positioned at the bottom of a GTO array. The enclosure houses four 8” mid-woofers and two 3” compression drivers and employs Outline’s acoustic lens aperture which gradually flares out downward . Mechanically compatible with the GTO range, the GTO-DF is said to be easily added to a flying array and offers a vertical dispersion range of 0º to -25º to ensure sound is accurately directed at the audience, not onto the stage. The waveguide offers 120º coverage from 315Hz to 17.5kHz. Designed as bi-amped system, the GTO-DF can handle 800W (AES) by the mid-woofer section covering the 200Hz to 1kHz range with the high-frequency section handling 250W (AES) over a 1kHz to 17.5kHz range.