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out post sound expands into London

out post sound is now offering audio post production services in London as well as Brighton after securing a second base right in the heart of Soho.

out post sound was initially set up in Fiveways in the north end of Brighton after managing director Rob Speight discovered there was a real gap in the market for audio post in the city. However, after many of the larger companies in London started going bust last year, out post’s client base has since become the target of many of the capital’s remaining post companies in a bid to break out of London and generate new revenue. As a result, Speight has expanded his business, and can now accommodate clients on the coast and in the big smoke, with the addition of a London base. “I noticed there were a lot of video companies in Brighton, but no obvious post production places; people were doing it in their bedrooms, but not on the level I was thinking about,” Speight reveals. “Business has been good for us in Brighton, but when the London companies started targeting our business down south after Videosonics and the like had gone bust, I realised we really needed a presence in London. We couldn’t compete with these guys’ fancy suites, and it was becoming increasingly harder to pick stuff up.” Speight’s London base is located on Wardour Street, nearby many of London’s post facilities. He believes that the cache of being in the capital has helped generate more business, especially in TV and film. “We’ve worked with 20th Century Fox, the Discovery Channel, the BBC, and all the broadcasters in the UK actually,” he says. “But TV is even harder than working on features – they don’t even like going south of the river, let alone south of the country!” Although the expansion seems to be reaping the benefits already, Speight points out that business has begun to boom down south as well. “Ironically, since we’ve secured the London space, we have had a lot of clients wanting to work out of Brighton,” he says. “There’s a lot of talent in Brighton, and from a voiceover perspective, it seems people want to do it there.” out post sound claims to provide top quality and cost-effective audio post production in both cities, catering for vocal recording, ADR, localisation, track laying, dubbing, ISDN, and source connect.