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out post creates Batman Live language dubs

Fully syncronised foreign language live dubs of Batman Live World Tour created by out post sound, writes Erica Basnicki.

out post sound has created fully syncronised dubbed versions of the Batman Live World Tour for foreign language audiences. Working closely with production company Water Lane Productions, sound designer Simon Baker and sound engineer for the show Simon Fox, out post sound has developed a workflow process that enables the English cast to perform to a fully syncronised dialogue track in any language. Fox commented: “The greatest challenge has been to maintain the realistic audio quality of the piece and continue to ensure that audience feel the action is coming form the stage. Additionally, it’s been really important to enable the actors to continue have control over their performances. By breaking scenes into sections of dialogue, we’ve been able to ensure that the performers can dictate the pace at which a scene is delivered as they would have if they were delivering the dialogue themselves.” After being contracted to work on the show, out post sound worked with translators and casting agents to bring together actors to re-create the performances brought to life by the UK cast. The dialogue was then recorded and edited at out post’s Brighton and London studios. After a successful initial run in Switzerland, France and Germany out post is now working on a Czech version and several others for the South American market.