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Optocore AES3

New at InfoComm 2010... Optocore's X6R I/O card

What is it?

An I/O card for Optocore X6R 16-channel converters.


The AES3 (AES/EBU) card complements Optocore’s existing Mic/Line conversion card range, offering 16-channel operation and the ability to change either inputs or outputs in groups of eight. For devices fitted with an AES card plus a software-selectable analogue converter card, it is said to offer considerable flexibility. Whether the user wants to use all 16 AES channels (and no analogue I/O), or a combination of both, the AES card will switch from 16 to eight channels accordingly and can be used across the entire X6R-TP and X6R-FX range of converters.