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OpenStage is London’s latest talking point

A group of the industry’s top manufacturers will talk theatrical technology and technique at OpenStage in London’s RADA theatre next month, writes Paul Watson

OpenStage is a one-day event which will take place at London’s RADA theatre on May 12th whereby engineers and product designers (no sales people) from top manufacturers including Roland, Shure and d&b will gather for a series of presentations, lectures, and short seminars on topics relevant to the theatrical industry such as the latest wireless mic technology, performer localisation and tracking, bringing the cost of digital audio infrastructure down, and the realities of life after the sprectrum sell-off. If all goes to plan, there will also be a live link up with Chris Ashworth, developer of the Qlab software, at his base in the USA. John Taylor and Steve Jones from d&b will ask the question ‘What’s in your toolbox?’ looking at typical theatre sound scenarios and what a theatre sound professional might be able to achieve from line array and point source systems; and products for hands-on will include Shure’s new Axient radio mic system, Stagetracker/Qlab’s actor tracking system, and Roland’s new flagship M-480 digital console (pictured). The closing presentation will be by Bosch senior scientist Jeff Berryman, who will fly in especially from the US to talk about current industry progress toward universal media networking standards. Tickets are free but must be reserved in advance, which can be done on Guestlist: