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Omnia Audio Omnia.11

 What is it?An on-air audio processor offering AGC, compression and limiting for broadcast applications. DetailsOmnia.11’s processing employs Chameleon Technology said to transparently analyse music in real time and adjust internal parameters for optimum performance across a broad range of material. This is said to result in better performance, ease of use and perceptibly better sound that reveals more detail, clarity and quality, while maintaining desired loudness levels. A major part of its design is the new Density Detector which makes it possible for Omnia.11 to properly handle hypercompressed content. According to Omnia, the AGC circuitry cannot be ‘fooled’ by high density or older material that contains high peak-to-average levels. In that sense, the processor doesn’t offer a ‘sweet-spot’, as the density detector maintains optimum operation at all times. All AGC and limiting algorithms employ an auto acceleration/deceleration mechanism designed to tune out perceptible intermodulation distortion. The attack/release functions adjust themselves based upon content density. This method analyses the audio content in both the amplitude and frequency domain, then adapts the timing networks – on the fly – to transparently control the signal. This results in added detail, clarity and quality while maintaining a competitive loudness level. A 10.5” diagonal front panel touch screen and GUI provides ease of use and enhanced metering and diagnostics. Remote access is available via any web browser, as well as a local Wi-Fi connection. Omnia.11 incorporates a laboratory-grade stereo generator with dual MPX outputs, 19kHz reference output for external RDS/RBDS systems and >80dB pilot protection – with or without composite clipping functions activated. Additional features include MPX Tool designed to display the FM multiplex signal, peak modulation, pilot level, as well as a preview of the deviated FM carrier; Diversity-Delay with ramp-in and ramp-out ability for smooth transition and alignment of conventional analogue to HD-radio signals and an optional Arbitron PPM encoder and confidence monitor embedded into the audio processor that can E-mail or text the end-user.