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Olympic audio discussed at ISCE Institute Day

The ISCE’s Institute Day 2012 features a presentation by audio consultant Roland Hemming, giving an overview of his work the two of the largest audio projects in the world.

On 25 October, the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers (ISCE) is holding Institute Day 2012, in Milton Keynes, UK featuring a presentation by Roland Hemming entitled “The largest projects: Staying sane to a deadline.” The talk, part of the Warren-Barnett memorial lecture series, gives an overview of Hemming’s work on both the world’s largest installation project at the Millennium Dome, and the largest ever delivery of audio for a temporary event at the London 2012 Olympics. Besides their incredibly large scale, both projects had unusual challenges and very public deadlines, and dealt with vastly more aspects of audio than just design and delivery (including checking the work of fellow professionals!). Having such a wide overview gave Hemming a rare insight, not only into how the audio industry operates but also how our businesses and work are perceived by others. In this lecture Hemming will address how such projects are tackled, the crucial elements that are key to their success, the lessons that can be learned from them, whether such projects are instrumental in bringing change to the audio industry, and (perhaps most crucially!) how to make friends again with everybody you’ve upset.

+ Roland Hemming looks back on 25 years of working in the installation business in the forthcoming November issue of PSNEurope.