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Ohm Total Clarity

Multi-purpose speaker range

What is it?A range of speakers for both portable and installed use, suitable for pole mounting or flown applications.DetailsThe Total Clarity range currently comprises seven full-range cabinets and four subwoofers; the full-range enclosures include two wide-dispersion models and three arrayable units. Said to offer a natural, open and well-controlled sound, the CT-6 and CT-26 are intended for installed background and delay applications and house custom-designed 6” speakers with 4-layer 35mm voice coils combined with 1” horn-loaded HF compression units and phase-aligned internal crossovers.Intended for main systems and arrays, the CT-10, CT-12 and CT-15 are the largest top cabinets in the range with 20º angled side walls and offering 40º horizontal dispersion. A rotatable horn is said to allow true, seamless point-source arrays to be created easily in conjunction with Ohm’s innovative flying system. The CW-26 and CW-28 models are designed for background and AV applications where wide, constant coverage is required from an enclosure described as “totally unobtrusive”. Accurate crossover design along with custom low-frequency drivers and a diffraction horn are said to offer “true and constant” wide-dispersion coverage (even at the upper operating range) while eliminating lobing which is common in this type of design.CS-15 and CS-18 subs offer extended bass response for both installed and mobile use in small and medium applications. Utilising band-pass technology with large letterbox ports, the enclosures are said to deliver high sound levels with low port compression and distortion. The larger CS-18H sub uses a quarter-wave, horn-loaded design to maximise the output from the single 18” drive unit at frequencies down to 45Hz, while the CS-218 reflex-loaded cabinet houses dual 18” drivers in a cabinet the same size as the CS-18H. And another thing…The Total Clarity range incorporates phase and impedance-corrected crossover networks designed for high-power applications together with external EQ said to deliver “unrivalled tonal balance and transient response”.