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Nexo has the look for “The Voice”

Nexo’s 45°N-12 stage monitors weren’t just chosen for their sound at “The Voice of Ireland;” the show’s production designers were also a fan of their unusual shape.

Nexo’s unusually-shaped 45°N-12 stage monitors and a GEO S8 PA system carried the final 24 voices competing in The Voice of Ireland at the 1260-seat Mahony Hall at The Helix in Dublin. Dublin-based rental company Sound Design provided the audio for the TV talent show for a total of nine live shows, which saw Pat Byrne win a €100,000 recording contract with Universal Music. The triangular shaped N-12s were arranged in two circles between the judges’ armchairs and the performers’ position on stage. One half of the cluster provided a stereo monitor mix to the performers, while the other accommodated foldback to the judges: The Corrs’ Sharon Corr, Westlife’s member Kian Egan, Eurovision finalist Brian Kennedy and The Blizzards’s lead vocalist/guitarist Bressie. According to Sound Design’s John Vickers, “the production designers were very drawn to the look of the Nexo monitors, which are not the norm. They have a low profile which is suited to television, but their triangular design encouraged their use as a feature on the set.” Vickers’ production design featured left/right arrays of 8x S805s with 2x S830s, and 3x RS15 subs each side, with 12x PS10-R2s for fills and hot spots. “The set designer also made a feature out of the PA hangs, highlighting them with sparkling string ‘curtains’,” he concluded.