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Newell designs Loudness Films in Lisbon

Renowned studio designer Philip Newell has just completed the first phase installation of a state-of-the-art facility for Loudness Films in Portugal.

Newell Acoustic Engineering and Philip Newell Acoustic Design has finished phase one of a brand new studio installation in Lisbon, Portugal for client Loudness Films. The facility comprises a film dubbing theatre built to Dolby 7.1 specification with a projection and machine room which boasts a Sony VPL-FX500L DLP projector and Kinston FP 30 series film projector, along with editing suites and a reception area. The second phase of the project will be a 5.1 control room and 60m² studio space for Foley and music recording; and is due for completion later in the year. The dubbing theatre is a 98m² Philip Newell design non-environment room. The monitors are TAD/JBL-loaded Reflexion Arts 234s, using 500L sealed boxes; and the LFE loudspeakers are also from Reflexion Arts, with McCauley 6174 drivers, delivering an output almost down to 10Hz. The surround system consists of 10 Newell Acoustic Engineering X8S loudspeakers. The main amplifiers are designed by St. Petersburg headquartered Neva Audio; and the surround amplifiers are made by Park Audio, based out of Ukraine. All processing for the main monitoring system is done using a BSS Sound web, which takes the Dolby required room equalisation away from the one-third-octave. The EQ can be placed on the individual bands of the loudspeaker system for greater control; and the system can store settings as well as switch between settings, which enables the X-curve to be removed where necessary.
The remainder of the building contains two audio editing/composition suites, each kitted out with a Pro Tools workstation and MK 5.1 monitoring system. In the near future, a large video editing suite will be completed, containing numerous video editing workstations; and work is about to commence on a fully equipped Pro Tools recording studio, to handle Foley, voice-over and music recording projects. Newell and Elaina Valdese worked together on the studio design, which was based largely on Barcelona’s Fig Tree, which the pair also designed in 2010. “Interestingly, Loudness is probably the first studio in the world to be certificated by Dolby without the use of one-third-octave equalisation,” says Newell. “A group of people around the world are challenging the status quo of cinema alignment, and Loudness and Fig Tree have been instrumental in proving our point. There’s a revolution brewing in the film industry and we are taking the battle to the SMPTE conferences in Sydney and Los Angeles; one-third octave equalisation has to go!” The studio has ample parking and can accommodate production vehicles, motor-homes, or OB trucks. Located just five minutes from Lisbon airport, it is close to the Expo area of the city along with many other audio-visual companies, and has plenty of good transport connections.