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New VDC catalogue available, courier fees down

Cable specialists VDC Trading has released the 25th edition of their catalogue, featuring a tribute to ‘good design,’ while announcing a reduction in courier costs for product delivery.

The 25th edition of cable specialist VDC Trading’s print catalogue is now available, featuring almost 1000 new products for audio, video, broadcast and networking, including a vastly expanded Van Damme range – recently used to fit Abbey Road’s Studio 52 – the new VDC Contractor Series, and many new components.
Van Damme new product highlights include solid conductor extended distance Tourcat ethernet cables, flexible HD-SDI precision coaxials and 4mm conductor Marine Grade Low Smoke Zero Halogen speaker cables. The VDC Contractor Series features essential installation focused bulk cable products such as Category 5E, 1 pair audio and multimedia hybrid cables.

Other key new products include locking HDMI and IEC cable assemblies, Belden/ICM Compression connectors, Van Damme precision HD-SDI BNC connectors and a massively expanded range of networking and fibre products.
The theme of this edition of the catalogue is ‘good design;’ scattered throughout its pages are some of the world’s most iconic and timeless designs, including the Gramaphone, Mark Knopfler’s 1938 National Style O guitar, and the iPod. With the release of the new catalogue, VDC is able to confirm that prices for the Van Damme range and most other cable products and components will be held, thanks to the stabilization of copper and PVC prices. In addition, due to expansion and increased courier volumes, VDC has been able to negotiate a price reduction of 17%. A “Standard Next Day delivery” has been reduced from £9.50 to £7.90 (€12.00 to €10.00) for orders less than 20kg.