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New partnerships for Canford

DSMB and Advanced Fiber Products have each partnered with the broadcast supplier as changes take place within the company as well.

Canford announced two new partnerships in September. The first is with DSMB, who has appointed Canford Audio as its exclusive UK distribution partner, and its preferred partner for France and Middle East. In addition to DSMB’s passive range of hum eliminators, isolation transformers and splitters, Canford will also carry the company’s recently re-launched line of BALBOX products. A second deal involves Canford and AFP (Advanced Fiber Products) jointly announced the signing of a new supply partnership agreement. AFP is an Anglo-American manufacturer of active and passive fibre optic products with an established presence in the defence, sub-sea exploration, IT networking and medical sectors. The company is looking to expand their reach into the broadcast and pro-audio markets. Their range includes extenders, distribution amplifiers and ultra rugged fibre couplers for harsh conditions as might be found on an outside broadcast. Changes within the company have also taken place: Former chief executive Leif Friestad and chairman Hugh Morgan Williams, OBE have left Canford. Williams founded the company back in 1985. Executive leadership has since been given to John Slider, while director Iain Elliott continues to have daily executive and boardroom involvement in the business.