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New Nexo monitor speaks volumes in Germany

Two of Germany’s leading rental companies are among the first worldwide to place orders for Nexo’s new 45N12 stage monitor, writes Paul Watson

Pro Musik GmbH and Babbel & Haeger OHG have between then ordered 36x 45N12 units after witnessing a demonstration by Nexo’s exclusive German distributor Camco. “We had a lot of fun with the N12,” says Camco’s Reinhard Steger. “For applications that require dedicated monitors, it makes very sound economic sense.” Both rental companies have been dedicated Nexo users for years, and insist that the N12’s useability and design was key in securing the orders. “Not only is the N12 scalable, which makes it suitable for virtually every monitor application, but is also acoustically outstanding,” says Pro Musik’s Elmar Hubert. “It’s perfect for our high-end jazz and classical applications.” Babbel & Haeger OHG’s Gerhard Babbel says that as soon as he saw it and heard it, he simply had to buy it.

“As a premium rental company, the N12 will be our monitor for all applications,” Babbel declares. “And I expect that this new standard will improve our service dramatically in the stage monitoring sector of our business.” Nexo says monitor engineers will find the N12 design produces a sharply defined dispersion pattern as well as more power before feedback, resulting in lower acoustic power on stage; and that SPL and frequency response is consistent up to 2.5m back.