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New measurement mic from dbx-tv and Earthworks

A customised Earthworks high definition microphone will play an integral role in dbx-tv’s new TV calibration system ­– Total Cal – which allows set makers to configure a television’s acoustic performance.

THAT Corporation has partnered with Earthworks Audio to create a customized omnidirectional measurement microphone for dbx-tv’s new Total Cal audio calibration tool – a PC-based acoustic measurement and configuration system that allows set makers to configure a TV’s audio system. “In order for our Total Cal audio measurement and calibration solution to deliver the best possible results, we knew we would need to specify incredibly sensitive transducers throughout the system,” said Tim Brault, dbx-tv’s product manager for audio enhancement products. “Earthworks microphones are known throughout the audio industry for their superior flat and wide frequency response, superb handling of transients, and accurate polar characteristics. Since our respective companies share a common dbx heritage, and Earthworks has a stellar reputation for manufacturing the highest quality microphones, it was only natural to ask our friends at Earthworks to help us create something special for Total Cal.” Each Total Cal system utilises a minimum of three microphones to capture the “sonic fingerprint” of a TV audio system, as measured through its built-in speakers. The sonic profile is then compared to a series of preconfigured test tones. Using proprietary tuning algorithms and the Total Sonics audio software suite, the Total Cal system assesses the performance of the TV’s existing hardware, and automatically adjusts its audio system to meet the users’ requirements. “Over the years, Earthworks has teamed up with dbx-tv on a number of successful audio measurement projects,” said Bill Norton, COO of Earthworks Audio. “Our new dbx-tv microphones are incredibly accurate in terms of time domain and flat frequency response with virtually no handling noise. As a result, they are ideally suited for the exacting, free-field acoustical measurement requirements of dbx-tv’s Total Cal system.”