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Neumann KMR 81i

What is it?A short-length shotgun microphone for news gathering and location recording applications.
DetailsThe KMR 81i employs a combination of a pressure gradient transducer and an interference tube. At frequency wavelengths longer than the tube, it works as pressure gradient transducer; at higher frequencies it operates as an interference transducer for lateral sound. Off-axis sound sources are picked up at reduced level, but without colouration. The mic is said to be less sensitive to wind and pop noise (by comparison with models with a similar highly-directional response) and offers extremely low self noise, good impulse response and high output level. The KMR 81i capsule is positioned inside a tube housing designed to be acoustically open but offering a high flow resistance. The directional pattern of the microphone is lobe shaped with attenuation of lateral sound said to be independent of frequency. The microphone features a 10dB attenuation switch to prevent input overloading plus a second 200Hz high-pass filter switch. Overall frequency response is quoted at 20Hz – 20kHz with lower frequencies attenuated by approximately 15dB at 50 Hz. Maximum SPL is 128dB and the dynamic range of the microphone preamp is 116dB. The KMR 81i operates on 48V phantom power and is 226mm long and 21mm in diameter. Overall weight is 145gm.