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Network Sound Mamba Mix

Monitor mixing system

What is it?A monitor mix system designed for in-ear monitoring systems.DetailsMamba Mix is designed to provide each musician on stage with “unprecedented” control of their own monitor mix using state-of-the-art DSP technology and a monitor mix control surface via iPhone, iPad or Android-based device, making the Mamba Mix fully plug and play. The system also allows musicians to create and store individual IEM mixes on their own touch devices using the free Mamba Mix app. Mamba Mix16/32 provides four to eight band members with an independent stereo IEM mix of its input channels. Mamba Mix comes in 16-channel/4-mix out or 32-channel/8-mix out versions; the Mamba expansion system can enable up to 96 independent IEM mixes on a single Mamba Mix CAT-5 network. The app’s virtual mixer is designed for “easy, intuitive setup” using multi-touch control with gain, pan, mute, low-cut and 3-band parametric EQ included on each channel to facilitate fully personalised monitor mixing.And another thing…The stereo left/right mix bus for the four stereo IEMs – available as discrete, balanced XLRs – plus separate 1/4” TRS outputs offer plug and play wireless IEM live stage operation or close range control.