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NAMM 2018: Beyerdynamic unveils new Fox USB-C mic range

The company revealed the new product at the annual Anaheim show

Beyerdynamic has lifted the lid on its new Fox USB-C mic range at the NAMM show in LA.

Combining a microphone, preamp, AD converter and headphone amplifier, the new model is designed for recording both in the studio and on-the-go.

The large-membrane condenser microphone is designed to provides high sensitivity, while the cardioid polar pattern shields against rear-incident noise, providing protection against background noise. The elastic suspension on the microphone capsule aims to prevent structure-borne noise, such as footsteps and fret noises.

A button on the back of the microphone regulates the gain and enables use of the FOX for especially loud sources, while a mute button makes it easy to cut unwanted sounds during live online transmissions. Beyerdynamic supplies the FOX with a range of accessories for immediate use. A pop shield prevents disruptive popping noises when talking, a base allows you to position the microphone on a table or lectern, and a clamp allows you to mount it to a microphone stand. An orange USB cable sets an additional highlight, as well as a thread adapter 5/8-3/8, which is also included.

FOX is compatible with mobile devices on iOS and Android with the correct adaptor and will be available from spring 2018 in many music specialist stores and in the beyerdynamic online shop.