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NAMM 2017: Products on show from N to S

Companies from Neumann to Sennheiser will be revealing new gear at the show

The show kicks off at the Anaheim Convention Center from January 19-22 with a number of new products on show…

The Neumann KH 80 DSP monitoring loudspeaker will be launched, which employs digital signal processing to ensure a new level of sound neutrality independent of the surroundings. The upcoming Neumann.Control app will automatically calibrate the speaker system.

Following many months of feedback from industry professionals, leading producers and engineers, PMC is announcing two additions to its next-generation Main Monitor range of active Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) loudspeakers for critical music creation and production.

The new MB3 and BB6 are ultra-high-resolution active monitors with digital and analogue inputs, designed for freestanding or soffit-mounted use in recording, mixing, mastering and outside broadcast applications, and available as single- or twin-cabinet (XBD) versions. Both marry the effortlessly extended low-frequency response, wide dynamic range, non-fatiguing sound and extreme tonal accuracy and consistency of PMC’s groundbreaking ATL designs with the power of the proprietary Class-D amplification. Both new models feature PMC’s hand-built, precision-matched 34mm soft-dome tweeter and legendary 75mm fabric mid-range driver coupled with the latest generation of the Radial low-frequency driver, built specifically for use with PMC’s ATL designs.

New from PreSonus, the FaderPort 8 Mix Production Controller connects via USB 2.0 to provide precise tactile control over a favourite DAW’s mix and automation functions, including complete transport control. With eight touch-sensitive, motorised, 100mm faders and 57 buttons covering 78 different functions, it is possible to quickly zoom in on audio files for editing, adjust a click-track tempo with a simple tap, modify plug-in parameters, manage aux mixes and control track levels with the touch of a finger.

Among the features, Session Navigator provides easy access to eight ‘mission critical’ functions for optimum flexibility. Dedicated buttons are provided to instantly arm all tracks for recording; control mutes and Solo Clear; view only the tracks, buses, and VCAs you want to see; and more. There is no limitation to preset controls, either, with four programmable user buttons making it possible to quickly and easily access your favourite functions.

RCF will be at NAMM to present several extensions to its flagship touring and theatre Series, the professional line of subwoofers and the D Line Series of compact cabinets for the touring industry. Like its counterparts, the HDL10-A and HDL20-A cabinets, the HDL6-A (pictured) is a smaller version of the active two-way line arrays featuring two 6.5” midrange drivers with a 1” compression driver on a 100° x 10° waveguide, powered by an on-board 1400-watt dual channel amplifier.

RME will launch the new Fireface UFX II audio interface (pictured below), which combines flexible recording and playback operation with RME’s low-latency hardware and drivers. RME’s unique DURec (Direct USB Recording) function and TotalMix FX mixing and routing software deliver a comprehensive set of features that will appeal to both professional recording engineers and high end home studio users. 

With 60 channels of audio (30 inputs and 30 outputs) and support for sample rates up to 192 kHz, the new Fireface UFX II is aimed at a variety of professional audio applications such as recording, mixing, monitoring and live performance. Offering excellent flexibility and compatibility, the Fireface UFX II will fit into any production environment as the central hub to a studio or live rig, or as part of a larger setup. The analogue and digital connectivity includes 12 analogue inputs and 12 analogue outputs; 2x ADAT I/O for expanding the Fireface UFX II’s analogue I/O up to a further 16 channels; 2 channels of AES or SPDIF, plus WordClock on BNC connections. All channels can be used for recording and playback simultaneously.

Sennheiser will expand their live performance and monitoring portfolios with the introduction of several new products. Visitors will be the first to see the Sennheiser XS Wireless 1 (pictured), a series of six wireless microphone sets for the budget-conscious user looking for exceptional ease of use and fast set-up, and XS Wireless 2 radio microphone series, which will become available later in 2017 and take the benefits of XSW 1 further. It will also be launching the new HD 200 Pro headphones, alongside new frequency variants for the evolution wireless 300 G3 and 500 G3 series for the USA and Canada.

Sennheiser will also be presenting its AMBEO VR Mic and mobile recording microphones designed in collaboration with Apogee Electronics. Besides the ClipMic digital and MKE 2 digital for iPhones, the most prominent member in the line is the new MK 4 digital for high-quality music recordings on iOS and USB devices. Meanwhile, for GoPro users, Sennheiser’s upcoming microphone for GoPro HERO4 cameras, the MKE 2 elements promises to add breathtaking sound to the exciting footage delivered by the HERO4.

64 Audio is to showcase its latest innovations in in-ear technology, the tia Fourté, U18 Tzar and A18 Tzar. Integral to the products is a proprietary tia system featuring custom tia drivers, the tia single bore, and special acoustic chambers. The tia driver stands apart as an open balanced armature that produces sound with a direct-radiating, fully unobstructed diaphragm. Coupled with this new driver is a single large bore that provides an extremely short path between the driver and the ear. This bore acts as a natural sound-shaping chamber, tuning the tia driver without the sound tubes used in traditional in-ear monitors.

Top picture: Photo Credit – Getty Images for NAMM