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NAMM 2017: Products on show from E to M

Find out what's new at the Californian show

The show kicks off at the Anaheim Convention Center from January 19-22 with a number of new products on show…

A new Anaview audio transformer with a wide frequency response for distributed audio systems delivering high quality music as well as voice content, is being unveiled by the ETAL Group at NAMM. Specifically designed to work with Anaview Class D amplifiers, the new Anaview audio transformers (pictured below) from ETAL are aimed at installations delivering music alongside voice content. They offer a +/-1dB frequency response from below 30Hz up to and above 15kHz, providing up to 500W at 70/100V. They are ideal for use with Anaview AMS1000 Class-D amplifiers or other popular sources. The use of Anaview audio transformers allows speakers to be located 150m- 450m from the amplifier source, depending on the cable used and the level of loss that is acceptable. Without a transformer, the maximum distances are just 15m-45m under similar conditions. A single transformer can drive multiple speakers up to the maximum 500W load available.

With overall dimensions of just 68mm x 33mm x 18mm, the ETAL Anaview ALA series can be powered by a single voltage of 12-25V DC making it easy to integrate. 

Fostex will introduce the TE04 Series Stereo Earphones at NAMM. The inner-ear, monitor-type earphones – with specially tuned, 8mm dynamic drivers and closed housing – are designed to deliver deep, rich low frequencies and crystal-clear high frequencies in precise balance for an exceptional listening experience.

The TE04 Series come in four colours with an in-line omnidirectional, electret-condenser microphone and music controller for smart phones. Each pair of TE04 Earphones comes with four pairs of replaceable ear tips for long-term, comfortable listening (XS, S, M, L), a protective leatherette carrying pouch and a replacement cable with stopper ring for applications that don’t require the microphone and controller. 

In their first showing at NAMM, IsoAcoustics will debut the ISO-PUCK, the company’s new low-profile, highly flexible and scalable, round model of acoustic isolators designed especially for pro audio speakers and subwoofers as well as musical instrument amplifiers. The ISO-PUCK is designed to isolate speakers and amplifiers in a highly discrete manner, having an extremely low profile, with a height of only 1.18 inches (3cm/30mm) and down to just under an inch (2.5cm/25mm) when in use. Just 2.3 inches (6cm/60mm) in diameter, the ISO-PUCK’s round shape makes it flexible enough to be ideally positioned on any surface, including the narrow spaces atop a meter bridge.

ISO-PUCKs are highly scalable, designed to be used in multiples to match the weight of each speaker or amplifier. With a weight bearing capability of 20lbs. for each puck, three or four of them can be combined to support the weight of the particular product requiring isolation. Repositioning is also simplified with the rounded ISO-PUCK, with the IsoAcoustics logo defining the front of the unit, allowing them to be configured and turned easily to suit the supporting surface.

Multi-channel recording specialist JoeCo has announced a further addition to the BLUEBOX range of workstation interface recorders. Described as the most affordable BLUEBOX to date the 24-channel unit also represents a professional multi-track field recorder, and a back-up solution to ensure no audio is ever lost – all in a single 19-inch rack-mounted unit.

Offering 24 balanced line inputs, 16 Adat Lightpipe inputs with SMUX11 support for higher sample rates, and 24 balanced outs, the BBWR24B will back-up all work, providing the ‘ultimate safeguard’ against unexpected DAW freeze and failure. Each BBWR24B will carry up to 24 channels of 24bit/96kHz audio in both directions simultaneously over USB 2.0. All recordings are in professional standard broadcast WAV (BWF) format, while the FAT32 local disk format supports both Windows (via dedicated drivers) and Mac (via Core Audio).

While the BBWR24B offers front panel access to core controls, users can access a wealth of control and customisation using the JoeCoControl app for Windows or Mac, or the JoeCoRemote app for iPad. Meanwhile, for the launch of the balanced BBWR24B, a substantial update to the JoeCoControl app is also making its debut at NAMM. Available for free from the JoeCo website, the updated software delivers features including: full control over gain parameters; the creation of multiple headphone output sub-mixes with volume control and panning, solo, mute, and PFL; support for in-studio talkback and studio monitor switching capabilities; a dedicated transport control panel with record and stop buttons plus useful disk information; and more.

Mesanovic Microphones will be showing its newly released Model 2AS ribbon microphone. The Model 2AS is an active version of the Model 2S stereo ribbon microphone. It contains Mesanovic’s signature motor structure and custom designed resonator plates to provide the incredibly extended, detailed, and 3D like response found in the Model 2, 2S, and 2A.

The Model 2AS’s high output is provided by custom, in house wound, toroidal transformers. These high turn ratio transformers are perfectly matched to the Model 2AS’s ribbon elements to provide optimal performance. The phantom powered electronics work as an impedance buffer and provide no additional gain or coloration to the sound. The result of this ideal impedance matching is 13 dB more output than the Model 2S and extremely low self-noise. The Model 2AS shines on orchestral and choral recordings where low noise and high output is neededand is ideal for string sections, horn sections, piano and acoustic guitar.

Top picture: Photo Credit – Getty Images for NAMM