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NAMM 2012: Trio of microphones from Blue

Blue Microphones will be presenting three new microphones at this year’s NAMM show: Mikey Digital, Spark Digital, and Tiki, writes Erica Basnicki.

Blue Microphones is showcasing two new microphones for iOS devices, as well as a USB microphone reported to mimic human hearing at NAMM 2012. Mikey Digital is a plug-and-play external microphone for recording stereo audio on the latest iOS device models. It features two custom-tuned condenser capsules – the same used in Blue’s Snowball and Yeti USB microphones – automatic and manual gain control and a multi-source auxiliary input for direct recording of guitar and other sound sources. John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones, commented: “Mikey Digital brings more than professional-quality recording to these mobile platforms, it also turns your iOS device into a studio interface for recording guitar, connecting a lavalier mic or capturing line level audio straight to your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.” Blue’s second iOS microphone offering is the Spark Digital, purported to be “the first studio-grade condenser microphone for both iPad and USB, bringing true studio recording capabilities to the iPad mobile platform.” As the name implies, Spark Digital is an extension of Blue’s analogue Spark microphone. It offers both iOS and USB connectivity, and features the same condenser capsule and hand-tuned components as the original, analogue Spark. Spark Digital also includes an exclusive Cloud Production Bundle with a 25GB storage and transfer account for six months from Gobbler, along with a six-month Pro Account from SoundCloud. Rounding out Blue Microphone’s offerings is Tiki (pictired), a USB microphone with advanced DSP that reportedly mimics the intelligence of human hearing. Tiki combines proprietary DSP in order to improve the clarity of intelligibility of both recorded audio and online communication. “Tiki brings the conversation into focus and attenuates distracting background noise, like the human ear does naturally in conversations,” said Brian Biggott, CTO of Blue Microphones. “Being a microphone from Blue, Tiki is also designed to deliver professional-quality audio for impromptu vocal tracks or instrument recording. Whether you’re on a conference call or recording guitar, you can now achieve crystal clear audio wherever you go.”