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Music Producers Guild announces Studio of the Year shortlist

Air, Eastcote, Rak and Snap shortlisted, with the entire MPG membership voting for the best facility for the first time this year, writes Erica Basnicki.

Four London-based studios have been shortlisted for the 2012 Music Producers Guild (MPG) Studio of the Year Award: Air, Eastcote, Rak and Snap. Voting for the award was changed this year to ensure that the accolade is given to the recording facility deemed the best in the UK by the entire MPG membership. As a result the shortlist will not be subject to judging by the MPG’s judging panel, but instead will be created by counting all votes cast by MPG Full Members. In order to qualify for the MPG’s Full Membership category, which brings with it the right to vote, members must be professional recording practitioners and be resident in the UK. They must also fulfill a specific set of criteria which are listed on the MPG website. Steve Levine, chairman of MPG, says: “In many ways this is a far simpler process as it will rely solely on counting votes from working producers. They are the best people to judge just how good a studio is and to allocate the award accordingly. We felt that adjusting the voting procedure for this award is necessary as it will make the process easier for the studios.” The winner will be announced on February 16 2012 at the MPG Awards Ceremony, which takes place at Café De Paris in London.