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Multiple DiGiCo desks for Florida venue

SD7 and SD8 consoles have been specified as part of the elaborate set-up at Full Sail Live, a new multi-purpose venue created by Full Sail University and located in Winter Park, Florida.

Featuring one of the largest dedicated sound stages for live concert training at an educational facility, Full Sail Live will host a variety of campus events, including live musical performances, movie screenings and lectures.

Quality, flexibility and access to support were among the reasons that informed the venue’s choice of DiGiCo SD7 and SD8 consoles for installation at FOH and monitors, respectively. The desks round out a campus-wide arsenal of 50 live production audio consoles.

Having had a D5 on the faculty for many years, Full Sail director of audio programmes, Dana Roun, renewed his interest in DiGiCo systems when graduate students working on the latest U2 tour advised the venue to investigate the SD7. DiGiCo product specialist Matt Larson arranged a preview of all of the company’s models. Further encouraged by advice from friends including Buford Jones, who enthused about the SD7, the venue pressed ahead with orders for one unit apiece of this console and the SD8.

The desks’ MADI I/O ports are among the resulting benefits for the venue. “While discussing the signal flow of the new building,” said David Arias, production manager for the show production department, “I realised that the presence of several MADI I/O ports on the consoles would allow us to eliminate the bulky analogue snake I/O that we would typically use to interface our video playback sources from the mezzanine production spaces. In the past we have sub-mixed the decks and only sent a stereo pair out to the FOH and Monitor positions. We can now easily send discrete channels everywhere, easily.”

Ken Robinson, Full Sail’s advanced show production lab specialist, summed up: “The SD7 and SD8 have raised the bar on what can be expected from a digital audio console. From functionality to features to sonic quality, these consoles are leaps and bounds above the competition. It’s no wonder that so many engineers are beginning to move in DiGiCo’s direction.”