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MTR stageCLIX Pack

Belt-pack wireless system

What is it?A belt-pack version of MTR’s ‘Jack’ digital wireless system. DetailsThe stageClix Pack includes all the features of MTR’s Jack system such as rechargeable NIMH batteries, a receiver with a built-in charger, 15-hours playing time from a single charge, menu-free operation and a frequency response of 10Hz – 20kHz (±3db). The 24-bit digital converters offer ‘inaudible’ (2.4ms) latency and the design includes twelve user-selectable channels, encoded transmission and triple-diversity, 3-frequency transmission in each of the 12 channels simultaneously. The Pack operates in the license-free 2.4GHz band (legal throughout the EU) and includes two inputs on the transmitter: a 3.5mm high-impedance instrument jack and a 2.5mm jack providing a high quality pre-amp input for microphones. The stageClix Pack offers wireless freedom to performers using active and passive guitars, basses, string and wind instruments, keyboards, percussion, piano and vocals.