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MPG Award nominations extended, ceremony date changes

The Music Producers Guild has extended the deadline for nominations for its 2013 Awards to 12 October, and the Awards Ceremony has also changed to 7 February 2013.

The Music Producers Guild has extended the deadline for nominations for its 2013 Awards to 12 October in order to give recording professionals more time to get their names on the list.

MPG has also moved back the Awards ceremony by a week to 7 February 2013. This date falls between the US Grammy and UK Brit award ceremonies, which, in previous years, have hampered some nominated artists and producers from attending the MPGs because they have been travelling between continents.

The announcement comes just before the first of the MPG Q-Time events, a series of panel discussions loosely based on a familiar TV format, taking place at the Hospital Club on 15 October at 7pm. Producers, engineers, remixers and mastering engineers who have not already nominated a colleague – or themselves – for an MPG Award have until 12 October to do so by filling out the form found at Steve Levine, chairman of the MPG, commented: “We are actively encouraging people to nominate themselves for any of the awards for which they qualify. If you aren’t in it, you can’t win it – and surely hoping someone else might nominate you is much too risky if it means possibly missing out on the chance to take home a fantastic award.” Recording facilities are especially encouraged to submit their nomination, as PSNEurope is championing the Studio of the Year Award for the first time this year. In addition to the recently-introduced new A&R Award, the MPG introduced two additional new awards; the MPG Inspiration Award and the MPG Innovation Award, both of which are not open to general nominations as they are in the gift of the MPG Awards committee. “We have decided to introduce these new awards because we want to reflect two very different, but equally important, aspects of record production – the ability to inspire through what we do as recording professionals and the ability to push technical boundaries,” said Levine. “The MPG Inspiration Award will honour a recording professional who, in the view of the MPG, has delivered an inspirational body of work over several years in UK music production, while the MPG Innovation Award will honour a recording professional whose work is seen to extend the boundaries of music production through innovative ideas and the creative use of technology.” A party is planned for December to announce the shortlists; make sure you qualify by nominating yourself (or a peer) by 12 October, 2012.