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MOTU UltraLite-mk3

What is it?A compact audio interface offering hybrid FireWire/USB2 connectivity for Mac or Windows computers. DetailsHoused in a 1U half-rack enclosure, the UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid can be used as an interface or standalone mixer and provides 10 separate inputs and 14 outputs plus built-in effects. It can be connected via FireWire or USB2 to a Mac or PC for (up to) 192KHz audio with no latency issues or additional drain on the computer’s resources. The unit’s I/O includes two mic/instrument inputs, six line-level analogue inputs, ten analogue output channels, stereo S/PDIF and a stereo headphone output. Live inputs may be recorded, monitored, routed and processed through the on-board CueMix FX digital mixer with DSP-driven effects applied to inputs, outputs and busses, independent of the host computer. The Ultra-Lite-mk3 features reverb, 7-band parametric and compression processing and includes drivers for Mac and PC – ASIO, WDM, Wave and Core Audio, etc. The front panel includes monitoring volume, microphone trim and parameter controls used in conjunction with the backlit LCD.