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MOH Technology and Barix partner

Barix has been named as the exclusive hardware partner for MOH Technology's music on hold and triggered audio playback solution.

MOH Technology has produced a messaging/music-on-hold solution based on a central server that uses the internet to distribute audio content. The same system uses Barix hardware to receive the audio content update and play it out as an analogue source for ‘on-hold’ audio over traditional telephone PBX systems. Optionally, the Barix device can present the audio as a network stream for use with SIP-based phone systems.

Barix Annuncicom IP devices are used for talking signage applications requiring triggered messaging at information points in retail stores, museums, theme parks and other venues and businesses.The built-in I/O of the Annuncicom is ideal for triggering playback of a stored message file on activation of a local input, allowing a message to be played either on-demand (the user presses a button), or in response to a stimulus (a customer walking past, triggering a motion sensor).

MOH Technology sells the complete solution; individual service providers can own and operate their own service, freeing them from reliance on any third-party company.