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Miloco Market Place promotes international studio base

Online database will give more exposure to high-end facilities, writes Dave Robinson.

The Miloco Group have launched The Market Place, a new online directory of affiliated international recording, mixing and residential studios. It has been a busy 2012 for Miloco so far having recently announced the launch of Gotham Producer Management as well as upgrading its flagship London-based studios with new Avid products. The aim of the Market Place initiative is to “make it easier for clients to find good facilities outside of the Miloco Group, which are nevertheless fully endorsed by Miloco”, said managing director Nick Young.
The directory includes renowned commercial studios in major cities, luxury residential retreats in notable natural surroundings and smaller studios located closer to home, all of which complement Miloco’s current portfolio. Facilities can be found in UK, Iceland, France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Austria, Turkey, the US and Indonesia, with more territories to come. Prospective clients can filter studios by type, location and rate, or search for a specific item of equipment by typing in its make, model or by using a general term such as ‘drum kit’ or ‘piano’. The search results generated by the tool will combine rooms both from The Market Place and from Miloco’s own studio page onto one screen where they can be viewed altogether. Once the studio has been found all booking and invoicing processes can continue through the Miloco team based in London. “We are definitely not trying to manage these studios,” clarified Young. “The majority of them are already established commercial facilities and are already set up to deal with bookings, maintenance and so on. So all the day-to-day work, particularly with existing local clients, will happen as before. “What Miloco will do is pass them more work and give them further exposure. We now get huge amounts of traffic to our site and we get a lot of clients who increasingly want to work abroad and in places that we could not offer a studio. We can make the job easier for the clients by co-ordinating the bookings with these studios and if they wish they only have to deal with us. We are effectively acting as an agency, helping find work and co-ordinating the projects to make sure everything runs smoothly.”