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Miloco introduces Online Mixing

Miloco has announced an affordable mixing solution whereby clients around the world can get their records mixed remotely

The brand new service allows people to send in their recorded tracks either by post or via a web server, and Miloco will then mix them and send them back over the internet. This flexible option will mean clients across the globe will benefit from having their tracks mixed in Miloco’s SSL rooms, Neve rooms, vintage studios, and Pro Tools Mix Studios by a top mix engineer; and at a much lower price. Miloco offers a range of packages utilising The Engine Room, The Square, Fisher Lane and Assault & Battery 1 (all SSL rooms); and Assault & Battery 2, Musikbox, The Garden, and The Motor Museum (Neve). There are two Pro Tools-only rooms (The Yard and The Bridge); and two vintage rooms (The Garden and The Ironworks). A wide selection of Miloco’s engineers are made available including Matt Wiggins, Darren Lawson, Dan Goudie, and Pete Hoffman, all of whom have huge amounts of experience in its studios. There are three ‘pack of card-themed’ Online Mixing packages available: the Club Tropicana package (£150 per mix) where Miloco chooses an engineer and studio to suit your tracks; the Heart of Gold package (£300 per mix) where the client gets to choose either the engineer or the studio; and the Ace of Spades package (£400 per mix) where the client gets to choose both the engineer and the studio.