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MIEW Rides cycling for charity

Music Industry East to West (MIEW) Rides aims to raise money for charities such as In Tune for Life on their inaugural bike ride across England this September.

Music Industry East to West (MIEW) Rides, a new organisation formed this year, combines the thrills of cycling with the charitable nature of the music industry, to help change lives through music. After making, recording or performing music, the next great passion for many music industry professionals is cycling. As Giles Orford, representative for MIEW Rides stated: “It’s a wonderful win/win scenario. We get to enjoy a fabulous bike ride every year, hopefully across new and exciting countries in the future, while raising money to support innovative charities like ‘In Tune for Life’, a not for profit organization that empowers musicians around the world to improve the health of impoverished communities via their own music and video.” To help get the project off the ground in its first year, the 2012 MIEW ride will be a relatively short ride across England. Held on 15 and 16 September, the ride starts in High Wycombe and heads west to end on the coast near Bristol. Six corporate sponsorship opportunities are available, allowing music industry companies to place their logos on the riders’ jerseys. Donations from individuals are also being accepted at: If you are interested in participating in the first MIEW Ride, or in one of the corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact Giles Orford directly at