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Midas VeniceU

Ultra-compact live desk

What is it?Midas’ latest ‘Digi-log’ ultra-compact mixing console offering USB connectivity.DetailsBridging the gap between analogue and digital mixing, VeniceU is said to combine the ease-of-use, warmth, feel and zero-latency of analogue design with the power, choice and flexibility of outboard digital processing plug-ins. VeniceU is housed in a substantial frame with a livery reminiscent of Midas’ analogue Heritage Series. There are currently three models in the range – the U16, U24 and U32 offering 8, 16 and 24 mono input channels, respectively. The mono channel equaliser section provides four bands of EQ (with swept filters on all four), an EQ in/out switch and LED status indicator.In addition to the mono input channels, VeniceU has four multi-function channels with one mic, two line and a stereo USB input each. All multi-function channels feature separate gain controls for mic and line inputs and the same mic amp functions as the mono channels – including +48 V polarity reverse, -20dB switching and 80Hz HPF. They also include four-band, fixed-frequency EQ with in/out switching and LED status indicator. Metering for all input channels is provided by a four-element LED display while high-quality 100mm faders offering precise control over the mix.And another thing…VeniceU’s USB interface can be used with any USB-equipped computer, effectively becoming a 16-channel digital audio buss and allowing most third-party audio processing software to be used in conjunction with the console. All six aux busses, four subgroups, both matrix busses and the stereo masters route to the USB interface – up to eight busses at one time.