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Midas discontinuing Heritage

UK: Midas's John Oakley tells PSN-e that, after ten years, the Heritage range is "moving to a long and happy retirement".

UK: Midas’s John Oakley tells PSN-e that, after ten years, the Heritage range is “moving to a long and happy retirement”. The most successful range of large-format analogue mixing consoles in Midas’s history, the Heritage range is being retired in line with the manufacturer’s normal policy of a 10-year life cycle.

Midas assures that it will continue to service and support the Heritage range “for many years to come”.

John Oakley (pictured), MD of Midas/Klark Teknik, tells PSN-e: “Several thousand Heritage consoles have been sold over the last 10 years and the Heritage 3000, in particular, has become the industry standard large format mixing console. It is not possible to visit a major festival without finding Heritage 3000s on many of the stages! Indeed, the demand for classic Midas analogue consoles is still so strong that we are now able to offer a limited number through our Approved Used Console Programme. This guarantees the incomparable mixing experience that you expect from any Midas. Each console is scrutinised to guarantee peace of mind. In addition, factory warranties are available for those who want the ultimate peace of mind.”

Oakley identifies the PRO6 digital console as “the natural successor” to the Heritage 3000, with more than 250 PRO6s now in regular use worldwide. “The PRO6 is selling even faster than the Heritage did after its launch,” he says. “Midas Heritage consoles are renowned for sonic excellence and that classic ‘Midas sound’. Independent testing has confirmed that the PRO6 has captured and even exceeded that gold standard of sound quality. In addition, the mic amps included in the Midas digital range have been further ‘tweaked’ to improve sonic excellence and musicality, especially during transient overload conditions where Midas mic preamps excel. For anyone wishing to hear the Midas digital audio quality for themselves and try out the phenomenal VCA/POP group control system, Midas is providing demo facilities and training in several locations around the world. See [our website, link below] for details.”

There are no plans to discontinue any of the other analogue products at the moment.