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Meyer Sound and Nti Audio XL2 Cinema Meter Option

XL2 cinema meter option

What is it?A cinema meter option for NTi Audio’s XL2 handheld audio and acoustics analyser.DetailsProduced jointly with Meyer Sound Laboratories to facilitate efficient and accurate alignment of its Sound EXP cinema systems, the Cinema Meter Option and test script allows cinema sound technicians to calibrate loudspeaker systems efficiently and to with an extremely high degree of precision (well beyond basic SMPTE standards) using a small, easy-to-use handheld device. The system comprises a software package incorporating a MeyerSound test script that can be used for tuning any cinema system. Test signals can be sourced through storage in the cinema system or from the NTi MR-PRO generator.And another thing…The Cinema Meter Option is intended as a compact and cost-effective tool for making precise adjustments in the calibration of EXP cinema audio systems as part of the quest for “near perfect” linearity.