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MEB is Adamson’s first Metrix partner in Austria

MEB Veranstaltungstechnik has become Adamson’s first Austrian Metrix partners. The sound hire company first heard Adamson’s ultra compact PA system at a demo in Munich, Germany.

Located in Leondig, Austria, with a beautiful view of the Alps, MEB Veranstaltungstechnik has become the first Adamson Metrix partner in Austria. Adamson’s Metrix is an ultra compact 2 -way true line source array for smaller to mid-size venue installations, or for use as an under hang-, side-, front- or balcony fill cabinet in larger installations.

The Metrix system is a good match for the small format sound and lighting hire company, established by Martin Lang (pictured, right) and Markus Six (pictured, left) about 10 years ago. Its main projects include business and corporate events, design and installation services for permanent installations, and live performances. MEB first heard Adamson’s Metrix system at a demo in Munich, Germany. “We heard things in the sound that we had never heard before, the system sounded really clear and specific,” explained Lang. “It was really a hard decision for us to pick the right PA system for the future of our company, it’s always hard to be the first with a system in an area, but we couldn’t have chosen a better one. We love the Metrix and the Point Series (enclosures), and the reaction to the sound is always positive, most comment on smoothness of the spectrum of the systems distribution of all frequencies,” concluded Lang. One of the first events featuring the Metrix system was DonauInsel Fest or ‘Danube Island Festival’, the country’s largest outdoor festival taking place on the Danube Island on the outskirts of Vienna. MEBs new PA featured on the small SJ Stage, comprising six Metrix-t boxes stacked on Metrix Sub-t’s per side, with a single T21 sub placed in the middle for additional bass and with Point 8 boxes used as front fills. Sound design was done by Klaus Hübner, a well-known FOH engineer and sound designer: “The output of such a small system was higher than what I expected; I couldn’t drive the PA to the maximum, because the output was loud enough, and I like it loud. A well balanced sound with good SPL and the setup and tuning was quick and without big EQ corrections.” Lang added: “On that last day, we delivered over 117dB (c-weighted) at the FOH position and further away with this system! Absolutely stunning! The T21 did a great job providing all the ultralow frequencies for the rocking crowd.”