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MDR equipped with Riedel Artist intercom

Riedel's Ralf Sommer says that the recent Artist intercom system installation at public broadcaster MDR's Dresden facility is "one of many Riedel broadcast projects in Germany at the moment".

MCS GmbH Sachsen has installed a new Riedel Artist intercom system for MDR at the German public broadcast network’s Dresden facility. Riedel Communications provided a new infrastructure that combines the MDR TV and radio studios into a single comms systems, replacing the old intercom installation.

A total of two Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom mainframes have been installed at MDR. While one Artist 128 is used at the TV studios, the radio broadcast studios employ an Artist 64 for their intercom requirements. Both mainframes are connected via fibre, forming a large non-blocking matrix. In this way up to 100 matrix mainframes can be connected to form a single Artist network with a total size of up to 1,024 x 1,024 non-blocking ports. Artist’s decentralised network approach means that the system can be expanded easily with additional control panels, ports or mainframes.

The Artist installation in the radio studios includes a total of 14 Artist control panels combining both Artist 1000 and Artist 2000 series panels. Four Danner control panel modules complete the set-up. The Danner modules can be integrated into desks and consoles and feature the same functionality as regular Artist control panels. A Riedel RIF interface provides additional GPIO ports.

“Riedel has done a great job with their Artist installation. The integration of both studio complexes enhances our workflow significantly. Furthermore, the possibility of easily expanding the installation with matrices gives us the flexibility and security we need for long term planning,” said Manfred Otto, engineer at MCS GmbH Sachsen in Dresden.

Riedel’s director sales & operations, Ralf Sommer, tells PSN-e: “The MDR installation is just one of many Riedel broadcast projects in Germany at the moment. We have several new broadcast projects coming up in the near future. One of those projects is the new Hauptstadtstudio of the public broadcast network ZDF that will be equipped with Riedel intercom technology. Plus the recently presented Riedel 1100 series OLED control panels certainly generate further updates in this market.”