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Massive May Day concert amplified by Outline

The year Outline became the first Italian company in 15 years to amplify one of Europe’s largest music events, which saw over 750,000 people gather at Rome’s Piazza San Giovanni.

Over 750,000 concertgoers packed Rome’s Piazza San Giovanni for the 23rd annual Primo Maggio (May Day) concert, held on 1 May every year. For the first time in 15 years, an Italian PA system was used for the event: Outline’s GTO. The main system comprised 15 GTO hung below three GTO-LOW, plus an array of eight GTO-SUBs alongside. On the ground in front of the stage, 12 Lab 21 HS infra-sub enclosures were topped by six Butterfly enclosures. Three delay systems were also used; one consisting of 12 Butterfly and six Subtech 218 subs in cardioid configuration, and the other two used eight Butterfly and four subs. An additional array of six Mantas enclosures were also used on one of the smaller delay systems. System engineer and one of three FOH engineers, Davide Lombardi (pictured, center) commented: “I was astonished by the full-bodied, clean bottom end and the fact that, over the whole frequency range, the sound was very ‘up-front’ – even at more than 100 metres from the stage.” Lombardi was joined at FOH by Massimo Barbieri (pictured, right) and Andrea Taglia (pictured, left); Andre Bocelli’s FOH engineer: “Even after a full day’s operation, the rig retained its good definition and projection, and the sub woofers ensured the hard-hitting headliners an incredibly beefy punch,” Taglia said.