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Martin Audio VU-NET 1.2

Speaker control software

What is it?The latest version of the control software for the MLA and MLA Compact multi-cellular speaker array systems.DetailsThe new 1.2.0 version provides a major upgrade to the real-time control of MLA systems and introduces a number of features (developed in conjunction with MLA partners) designed to improve connectivity and a number of key processes – including the firmware updater. It also contains bug fixes and a large number of additional improvements. Said to offer an intuitive graphical interface, VU-NET control software enables MLA arrays to be remotely controlled from a PC or wireless tablet. U-NET itself is a low-latency, redundant ring, fault-tolerant protocol for control and monitoring of data. Up to 254 devices can be linked and controlled by VU-NET which, for even more ambitious systems, can control multiple U-NET rings, each comprising up to 254 devices. And another thing… VU-Net 1.2 can also monitor the input to and output from each amplifier module and its temperature.