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Martin Audio high and Dry in Manchester

A Martin Audio Blackline H3H+ has been fitted in Manchester’s Dry Bar in the city’s trendy Northern Quarter, writes Erica Basnicki.

Manchester’s Dry Bar has recently upgraded and refurbished its basement venue Dry Live, which is now fitted with Martin Audio’s Blackline H3H+ system. Local sound system installation company Masons faced a few challenges in choosing a PA system. To start, the venue was to be used for both live music and club events, all served from a single sound system that needed to be suitable to both. Dry Live said they wanted the audience to be able to get as close to the front of the stage as possible, however the ceiling height excluded the use of arrays or standard ‘portrait’ profile speakers. Continuously assembling, dismantling and storing conventional floor-standing stacks for various events would have been impractical. “The system needed to have no permanent footprint on the floor and be flown as high as possible, out of the way when not in use,” commented Masons’ system designer Jack Jennings. “The Martin Audio H3H+ full-range 3-way speaker seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Its horizontal format, high power handling, high output levels and 70˚x40˚ dispersion characteristics all leant themselves to this install.” Jennings system design comprises four H3H+ systems across the front of the stage area, and four WS218X double-18” direct-radiating subs on either side of the stage. A Martin Audio DX1.5 two-input six-output digital controller, and three MA switch-mode amplifiers power the system.