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Mackie TH-12A

Portable powered speaker

What is it?A full-range, portable, powered speaker offering high output, ultra-wide dispersion and low distortion. DetailsPart of Mackie’s Thump Series, the TH-12A is said to deliver high power with an extended low end from a lightweight design measuring 59.6ch (h) x 36.7cm (w) x 31.4cm (d) and weighing 11.6kg. The 2-way ported enclosure houses a 12” paper cone woofer and 1” compression driver said to offer a smooth, wide dispersion characteristic. 3-band EQ at the input provides 15dB cut or boost at 80Hz (low shelf), 100Hz to 8kHz (sweepable mids) and 12kHz (high shelf) while the 2-way crossover time aligns signals so that low frequencies and high frequencies arrive in sync.
 Power for the low frequencies is provided by Mackie’s Class-D Fast Recovery amp – said to drive the woofer more efficiently (with less heat) than comparable designs – with a 50W Class-AB amplifier delivering power to the high frequencies. Each driver is given its own transparent compression circuit, helping protect it from damaging transient peaks. An over-excursion filter, inserted just before the low-frequency amplifier, prevents the woofer from ‘bottoming-out’ when the low end is driven to the maximum.
 The TH-12A also incorporates a number of dedicated controls including an EQ on/off switch, 3-band EQ/contour section and a single microphone and line input level control. The cabinet is constructed of high-pressure injected polypropylene and features reinforcement ribbing and structural strengthening said to offer enhanced acoustic characteristics. Though designed as a PA enclosure, the TH-12A can also be laid on its side and used as a stage monitor.