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LSO records soundtrack for The View from The Shard

The view from the European Union’s tallest structure now has a score to match its stature, composed by David Mitcham, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, and recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

Once opened on 1 February 2013, The View from The Shard will take visitors up to 244m above the streets of London, accompanied by a specially composed score performed by the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO). The music was written by film and television composer David Mitcham, and recorded at Abbey Road Studios. “The Shard is London’s newest landmark and is located in one of the oldest parts of the capital. Witnessing The View from The Shard gives a unique perspective on London, its history, its future and its people. The sheer scale and variety contained within the view is quite overwhelming,” said Mitcham. “It is also so exciting to be this high up and feels a real privilege to see London this way. My score seeks to capture the sense of rising above it all and the excitement and euphoria of being suspended right on top of London with the colourful story and ceaseless energy of one of the world’s greatest cities flowing on like a mighty river below.” The LSO soundtrack will accompany guests as they take the high-speed lifts to the viewing gallery. Once there, the soundtrack is replaced by a bespoke soundscape featuring the London-based chamber choir the Joyful Company of Singers. Anders Nyberg, CEO, The View from The Shard commented: “Looking over London is the best view in the world. The musical score connects with the view and will enrich our guests’ experiences as they explore London from above. We were excited to work with The London Symphony Orchestra and The Joyful Company of Singers and carry out the recording at Abbey Road, not only because they are highly acclaimed performers, but because they are also famous London institutions. They are part of, and created out of, the city which inspires the music for this unique new visitor attraction.”