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Loving the sound: The Overtones, Adlib and ViRAY

Vocal harmony group The Overtones is touring Europe with the support of Adlib Solutions, who is deploying its new Coda Audio ViRAY system for the second time.

Vocal harmony group The Overtones toured the UK prior to Christmas, supported by Liverpool based rental specialist Adlib. For the Higher tour, the company supplied a Coda Audio ViRAY system, as well as audio system tech Alan Harrison who optimised the ViRAY system daily for FOH engineer Mark Clement. This was the second tour outing for Adlib’s new system purchased shortly after ViRAY’s official launch in October. In its largest format on The Overtones’ tour, they flew 16 x ViRAY speakers a side together with three SCV-F flown subs at the top of each array, with four Coda SCP-F dual 18 subs a side augmenting the bottom end on the floor. Coda C10 comparator amps and DN260 crossovers were used to drive all the Coda elements. Working on a sensor feedback system, this significantly helped fine-tune the whole system and made the subs exceptionally “clean and musical,” Harrison said For infills, they used Adlib’s proprietary cabinets as balcony fills and Coda G-Series for end-of-balcony fills. The Adlib cabinets were powered by Labgruppen PLM10000 amps. Console-wise Clement specified an Avid Profile 48 channel desk for FOH while monitor engineer Christiano Vuolo specified a DiGiCo D5 console, from which he ran ten stereo mixes including a technical feed. 

The Overtones will continue touring the rest of Europe beginning in February 2013.