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Live Prolight + Sound highlights

Last week’s Prolight + Sound expo in Germany saw a number of the industry’s biggest manufacturers release a range of new live products, writes Paul Watson

Exhibitor attendance was up 6% at this year’s Prolight + Sound which took place last week in Frankfurt, where a host of pro-audio heavyweights including DiGiCo, Turbosound, Innovason, EM Acoustics, and many more (see PSNE’s May edition) – unveiled some of the show’s most stand-out live application offerings. A total of 110,000 visitors streamed through the doors of the Messe over the course of the show, which was slightly up from last year; and a total of 2,384 companies exhibited (including Musikmesse exhibitors) which was up by 2.7%. DiGiCo released two new consoles with more fish-related nicknames: the SD10 (Ghost Carp), which provides 96 channels of processing and is positioned between the SD7 and SD8 in terms of price and performance; and SD11 (Box Fish), which is rack mountable, and becomes the manufacturer’s smallest footprint console to date. Turbosound and Proel revealed four new 2U rack mount GB series products (GB15, 30, 35 and 50) from the re-introduced C-Audio amplifier brand. Output power ranges between 900 and 2,500 watts per channel at 4 ohms; and features include selectable input sensitivity and an LCD screen, the latter of which provides operating information including gain, heatsink temperature and protection status. Innovason launched its Eclipse GT (pictured) – a step up from the Eclipse digital mixing console. The company insists that the GT is the first console in the world able to control and memorise all of the parameters used by Sennheiser and Neumann’s new breed of digital microphones. It features all that the original Eclipse had to offer (including an onboard multitrack recorder and Virtual Soundcheck mode) plus new red LEDs in the sidecheeks and better quality faders and knobs. EM Acoustics showcased its X3 horn-loaded PA system, designed to run alongside the Quake subwoofer. The system includes a 15” horn-loaded LF drive unit; an 8” horn-loaded MF drive unit; and six 1” compression drivers on a bespoke waveguide which creates a horizontal line source, allowing X3 boxes to be packed together to form arrays. EM Acoustics suggests that each X3 should be thought of as a 20-degree ‘building block’ which attaches to others to achieve the desired coverage angle.

More live highlights from Prolight + Sound will be featured in the May issue of PSNE.

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