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Live industry join UK Music board

News of this role within UK Music - the industry body headed by Feargal Sharkey (pictured) - follows the creation of the UK Live Music Group, which will provide a meeting point for the principal trade associations and representative bodies in the live industry.

The news follows the creation of the UK Live Music Group – a new meeting-point for the principal trade associations and representative bodies in the live industry.

The members of the UK Live Music Group are AA (Agents Association), AFO (Association of Festival Organisers), AIF (Association of Independent Festivals), CPA (Concert Promoters Association), ILMC (International Live Music Conference), NAA (National Arenas Association), PSA (Production Services Association), and independent venue and promoter association we:Live.

The group will meet every six weeks and has nominated Live Nation Entertainment COO Paul Latham to be its representative on the board of UK Music – the increasingly high-profile organisation which represents the UK’s commercial music sector on a variety of significant industry topics.

“I think it is long overdue that live music was represented within a wider sphere and UK Music is the most appropriate forum,” said Latham. “Too many times decisions are made at a parochial level that have far-reaching consequences for our industry. Through the voice that is UK Music we would hope to become a force for pro-active change.”

The news that, for the first time, the UK’s entire commercial music industry is to be represented by one umbrella body was welcomed enthusiastically by UK Music chief executive Feargal Sharkey (pictured), who described it as “a fantastic development” in the life of the organisation.

“The coming together of the UK Live Music Group is hugely significant in itself – establishing a unique and powerful voice for the sector,” said Sharkey. “Having their input at board level will be a huge asset for this organisation and we hit the ground running next week, with the publication of some groundbreaking research on music tourism.”

Summing up, Greg Parmley – editor of the ILMC’s official journal, IQ Magazine, and a key architect of the new group – told PSNE: “Having the UK’s live music industry united for the first time, and adding the missing piece of the jigsaw in UK Music’s membership is a significant milestone. Through the formation of the UK Live Music Group and by joining UK Music, everyone stands to gain, whether it’s from a heads-up on incoming legislation, the ability to adopt a unified front on particular issues, or just facilitating better communication between the live industry and its counterparts across the music business.”