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Link DGlink

Hybrid distribution system

What is it?A modular hybrid audio distribution system for use with the combination of analogue, digital and power signals typical of many current systems.DetailsDGLink provides a transport and distribution system for analogue and digital audio while facilitating additional communications, control and monitoring signals. DGLink architecture is modular and can be configured to suit many current systems while remaining adaptable for future needs. It’s capable of supporting two simultaneous digital transport protocols, using Link’s hybrid cables and connectors to provide a single touring-grade cable and connection point between front of house and the stage. All connection cables are designed to be flexible, easy to handle and capable of withstanding adverse touring conditions.DGLink is designed to be easily configured to integrate with pre-existing conventional stage boxes, sub snakes and splitters to protect users’ core investments in analogue consoles and distribution systems and help get the most out of a console with internal and remote preamps by providing a single snake with both analogue and digital pairs. DGLink digital converter modules support up to 64 bi-directional AD and DA channels while the DGlink AES-EBU drive module re-clocks, re-buffers, splits and distributes twelve channels of AES-EBU digital audio throughout multiple amplifier racks. DGlLink also provides an additional Category 6 connection for in-ear monitoring or remote control of amplifiers and remote DSPs.And another thing…DGLink multi-core cabling and connector products provide specific solutions for connecting Digico, Digidesign, Midas, Soundcraft, Studer and Yamaha mixing consoles.