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Line 6 XD-V75

Wireless microphone modeling system

What is it?A digital wireless microphone system designed for professional vocalists and performers. DetailsThe XD-V75 system combines digital technologies to produce a range of different microphone and EQ filter models, a headset featuring a high-end omnidirectional microphone capsule and a bodypack unit to fit a particular headset mic or lavalier model. Combining DCL (Digital Channel Lock) technology for improved reliability and 24-bit performance, the XD-V75 boasts a 10Hz – 20kHz frequency response and 120dB (A weighted) dynamic range without the use of signal companders. The base XD-V75 model is a handheld system capable of recreating the sound of ten of the world’s most popular wired mics – including those by Shure and Sennheiser – and features a removable capsule allowing it to be fitted it with a range of industry-standard capsules. The XD-V75L digital lavalier system is designed for musicians, performers and spoken word presenters requiring hands-free wireless operation. The system features nine EQ filter models said to ensure the best sound and articulation for a variety of mic placements and performance environments. The XD-V75HS digital headset system is also designed for hands-free operation and features a secure, adjustable fit, a high-end omnidirectional microphone capsule and a dynamic filter to reduce environment noise. The XD-V75TR digital bodypack system comes equipped a with TA4 mini-XLR jack for connection to a wide range of available mics. And another thing…XD-V systems operate in the 2.4GHz band and are free from interference due to TV broadcasts, public safety announcements, cell phone towers and other transmitting devices.